GTA 4 Released

May 1, 2008

The has patiently awaited the sequel to perhaps the largest series in the world of gaming, grand theft auto. Grand theft reached its must-have status that sells consoles with the release of gta 3, which was the series first foray into using a 3d game engine. Gta 3 and its two successors on ps2 were system sellers, and the newly released gta 4 appears to be no exception. I played my copy for the first time last night on xbox 360. I was impressed as always of acting hilarious antics one has grown to expect from the series, but I did have a gripe with the way cars handle. Rockstar changed driving from arcade crazy controls to tighter more realistic controls that have not seemed to go well with the audiences I have spoken to at this point. That aside gta 4 is a must have.