hd4870 1GB for the WIN!

September 30, 2008

AMD already had a winner in its hd4870 gpu, it was a better buy for the money (around 250$ after rebates on most deals), than Nvidia’s competitor at that price point, the 260gt. Nvidia then answered with a newer version of the 260 called the core 216, the 216 represents the amount of shaders enabled giving the 216 core 1/8th more shaders than the initial 260 had, creating another sku on the market, and closing the performance gap the initial 4870 had upton it. Now AMD has released the 4870 1GB model, upping the ante from the initial model’s 512MB of ram. The 4870 mops the floor with the core 216 if you average all games together, which means its a winner from all angles.

AMD has winners at all price points except the very top notch. If you are looking for a sub 100$ gpu, the 4670 is the card to buy (closer to 70$). If you are looking for a sub 200$ gpu the 4850 is the card to buy (closer to 150$). If you are looking for a sub 300$ gpu the 4870 512MB is the card (closer to 250$). And if you are looking for a 300$ gpu the 4870 gpu is the card. Only those looking for bragging rights should look towards the Nvidia 280, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Fallout 3 is coming, its about time for an upgrade folks.