Neighbortree Raises $120k For Hyperlocal Community Websites Network

August 31, 2010

Kansas City-based startup Neighbortree checked in to tell us about their efforts to grow a fledgling network of hyper-local neighborhood community websites operated by residents. The company has just raised $120,000 from an undisclosed regional angel investment firm, notably a mere month after launching its service.

Neighbortree provides free, full-featured, interactive neighborhood websites to any type of residential community, including traditional neighborhoods, subdivisions, condominiums and apartment buildings.

Since this requires a hyper-local approach (we’re talking physical, not virtual communities), its business depends on developing partnerships with other companies that can execute its network model at the metro or state level. The startup says most of the angel funding will be allocated towards establishing these types of partnerships.

Evidently, the company aims to generate the bulk of its revenues from local businesses advertising on neighborhood websites, which can be equipped by locals with news updates, photos, a local events calendar, discussion boards and more.

Other possible revenue streams include leveraging the services offered by Neighbortree sister company Kansas City Website Design (which, obviously, designs and develops websites, mostly for small businesses).

Interestingly, the young company says it has already been approached by two unnamed companies interested in licensing its “site of sites” treetrax platform for other markets (one for real estate and one for schools).

You can see a demo site here. Alternatively, check out a live example.

This post has been written by Robin Wauters on couresy of


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