APB Counts 130,000 Users, ‘Healthy’ Player Spend

August 24, 2010

 APB  Counts 130,000 Users, 'Healthy' Player Spend

As Realtime Worlds enters administration following a lukewarm reception of its online crimeworld title All Points Bulletin, the firm handling the Dundee-based studio’s possible sale is speaking up on precisely how the title’s been performing — the numbers have been "healthy", according to a statement.

Since its launch — June 29, July 1 and July 2 in the U.S., Europe and UK respectively — APB has gathered some 130,000 registered players, and the average person plays 4 hours a day. Realtime Worlds is seeking a buyer, hoping that any company that purchases the studio will see the value in keeping the project running.

In the wake of the studio’s closure, many have speculated it was APB‘s somewhat controversial business model that led Realtime Worlds into choppy waters.

Players pay $50 (£34.99, €49.99) for a store-bought or digital download copy of of the game that comes with 50 hours’ playtime in the game’s "action" districts (the game’s social and customization areas are unlimited). When that expires players can purchase additional time bundles, and players can also buy and trade items on APB‘s user marketplace.

But according to an official statement, the average paying APB player pays $28 per month between time buys and microtransactions in the marketplace, although the studio didn’t specify what portion of its 130,000-person playerbase is spending money.

"These are healthy numbers and reflect positively on APB as a ongoing concern," says Paul Dounis of Begbies Traynor, the restructuring firm appointed to handle the administration and possible sale of Realtime Worlds. "They prove this is a very enjoyable game…"

This post has been written by Leigh Alexander on August 24, 2010 couresy of gamasutra.com.


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