Raumfeld’s 2Raumfeld multiroom audio system reviewed, deemed sweet but no Sonos

August 19, 2010

Despite the bevy of multimedia streamers beating down your door, there are still few options available for high-end multiroom audio, and until recently the ones you’d likely consider would go by the name of Sonos. Judging by a recent UK review, that hasn’t entirely changed, but a two-speaker WiFi-based setup by Germany’s Raumfeld reportedly offers a reasonable challenge to the Sonos hegemony. PC Pro said the 2Raumfeld package "knocks the equivalent Sonos 250 into a cocked hat" when it came to quality sound thanks to a pair of Adam Audio-designed speakers, and praised the minimalist design and ease of setup even as minor annoyances (like the pairs of ‘wireless’ speakers that have to be strung together) popped up. It seems the only real flies in the ointment are the limited media browsing options available — that sexy silver knob and touchscreen aren’t enough — and the fact that you can roll your own Sonos mesh network for less than Raumfeld’s €1,225 (about $1,575) asking price, which kind of defeats the point. Read the full review at our source link.

This post has been written by Sean Hollister on Aug 19th 2010 1:59PM couresy of engadget.com.


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