Fable III’s Lead Designer: Kinect ‘Amazing’, Implementing It Presents ‘Challenges’

August 6, 2010

 Fable III 's Lead Designer: Kinect 'Amazing', Implementing It Presents 'Challenges'

Fable III‘s lead designer, Josh Atkins, has told Gamasutra that while he thinks Microsoft’s Kinect controller presents exciting opportunities, finding a way to fit it with traditional games will take time.

When asked if finding applications outside of the more obvious — i.e. Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures party gaming applications — Atkins told Gamasutra that he "completely agree[s]" that this is a challenge, but that the device is "definitely an amazing piece of technology."

Said Atkins, "Kinect is a really fascinating bit of technology. And I think that whenever a new piece of technology comes out, the biggest thing to do is to figure out not just what — for us, anyway — what is cool to do, but what is right for our franchises, and what would make the Kinect experience tie-in right with the Fable experience."

While Microsoft Games Studios creative director and Lionhead Studios co-founder Peter Molyneux has repeatedly promised sweeping changes in Fable III, Kinect remains an open question for the title.

When asked if he could comment on whether or not the team is implementing Kinect in Fable III, Atkins said "not at this point."

Said Atkins, "I think we’re not going to comment on stuff that Peter said, because we’re still dealing with some stuff that’s maybe a bit secret at the moment." A report on Joystiq says that Molyneux has axed Kinect support from Fable III at the title’s launch this autumn.

The full, feature-length interview with Atkins will appear on Gamasutra in the near future.

This post has been written by Christian Nutt on August 6, 2010 couresy of gamasutra.com.


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