First impressions of FFXIV closed beta

August 3, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV‘s beta 2 stage is underway, and 1Up‘s Michael Vreeland is one of the lucky holders of a beta key. He’s been playing the game for a few weeks, and yesterday he had a chance to post his first impressions.

He began with character creation, describing a detailed process that allows the levels of customization we’ve been anticipating. There were a few exceptions here and there, but the developers promise more options before launch.

The next step was exploration of the starting areas and early Guildleves — both what they look like and how they work for the player. Finally, character growth gets a brief overview. Character growth is said to be the primary theme of FFXIV, and increased character customization with each level is a big advantage.

Take a look at the complete story and a new screenshot gallery on

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