Dungeons and Dragons Online patch 1 released for Update 5

July 21, 2010

Patch 1 for Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 5 dropped this morning, clearing up a long list of problems that have plagued the game since Update 5 arrived.

Issues large and small were taken care of, including several things that players have been dealing with since Update 5 released in the first place. Fog of War, for example, has been resetting immediately upon leaving an area. This was extremely inconvenient if you left an area for just a minute or two, because you’d come back to a completely black map. Thankfully that’s not an issue any more.

Guild renown got several fixes, including the return of the small guild bonus, an increase to the renown drop rate for monster kills, a fix to renown decay at level 26, and and adjustment to renown decay at level 26.

Those are just a couple of highlights — the full patch notes are available on the DDO site. Do you know about a problem the patch didn’t take care of? Check out the updated Known Issues thread.

This post has been written by Rubi Bayer on Jul 21st 2010 at 7:00PM couresy of massively.com.


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