Analyst: Slim Model Xbox Accounted for Just 40% of Sales

July 16, 2010

The new model of Xbox 360 caused a good deal of console sales in the month of June, but discounted old hardware sold more.

Microsoft’s redesigned box accounted for 40% of the 451,700 Xbox 360s it sold in June, said Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter in a note to investors on Friday.

But, he pointed out, nearly as many sales — 35% — were of the inexpensive Arcade model, which Microsoft reduced to a clearance price of $150. The retailer Wal-Mart offered a $50 gift card with each Arcade purchase, thus temporarily lowering the effective price of the hardware to a rock-bottom $100.

The balance of Xbox 360 console sales were made up of Pro and Elite units, which were also reduced in price by $50 as Microsoft clears them off shelves to make way for the $300 Slim box. So the price drop that spurred the majority of Xbox sales last month won’t last.

Microsoft has not announced a package for the redesigned Xbox 360 at the $200 price point.

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