Theories Swirl in the Mystery of the iPhone’s Disappearing Battery Life

July 9, 2009

The iPhone 3G S has enjoyed tremendous popularity thanks to its powerful hardware, slick (and abundant) applications, and new features.  However, it has also had its problems with overheating and signal strength.  Now a new problem has been rearing its ugly head — poor battery life.

For a mobile gadget, especially cell phones, battery life is critical.  And when it comes to battery life, many are finding the iPhone to come up unexpectedly short.  Apple’s support forums are seeing a large volume of battery-related gripes.  Writes one user, npshenoy2, "My charge did not last from morning to evening with a very moderate usage of checking mails just 5 times in a day and 10 minutes of YouTube video. All this was on Wi-Fi with 3G turned off."

Theories about the cause are becoming abundant as well.  Brian X. Chen of believes that the problem is caused by a defective batch of hardware.  Meanwhile, The Examiner‘s Daniel Nations blames the iPhone OS v3.0 update for the problems.  He based this theory on the fact that the first reports surfaced after the update.

Some, like Mr. Nations believe that the new push notifications are having a major adverse impact on battery life.  Apple had long warned that running multiple applications would cripple the iPhone’s battery, and while push applications aren’t true multitasking, they do admittedly place additional drain on the battery.

For those unhappy with battery life, there are some options, all of which involve disabling features.  First you can disable Push Notifications via the Setting menu, Bluetooth (Settings>General), and Wi-Fi.  As a last resort you can also turn off 3G and switch to the older EDGE network, which the first generation iPhone used.  That, however, will likely decrease both browsing speeds and reception quality.

As with many of the other iPhone problems, there’s much hope in the community that the iPhone OS v3.1 update will bring salvation for those suffering these woes.

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