Gatheryn casual games update brings minigame pavilion and location-based puzzles

July 8, 2009

The MMO industry seems to be stepping away from pure fantasy titles, and some new projects are taking a rather different approach to what we expect from massively multiplayer online games. Gatheryn from MindFuse is one such title, that blends steampunk and mini-games into an MMO that’s a departure from the norm. Gatheryn is already a decidedly casual MMO, but that hasn’t stopped the creators from identifying what works and running with it. In this case, they’ve opted to add more mini-games to Gatheryn‘s existing beta content.

Gatheryn‘s Casual Games Update, which went live today, brings two new features to the steampunk-themed MMO. The Minigame Pavilion is a carnival where players can try out Gatheryn‘s numerous minigames, right off the bat, and without needing to pay silver to try them out. MindFuse has also introduced Word Safari, which they describe as "a series of location-based puzzles where players find special objects and match words according to their specific role and location in Elymia." This sounds like fun, and in some respects is like an exploration game as players learn more about the various areas to be found in Gatheryn. If this seems like your type of game, you can register for the Gatheryn beta over on their signup page.

This post has been written by James Egan on Jul 7th 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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