HTC Hero details begin leaking from HTC’s own website

June 24, 2009

As we prepare for HTC’s official launch event today, we’re starting to see some details appear on HTC’s own website of the much rumored Hero. Through some URL trickery, we’ve managed to unearth several details that confirm the previous rumors. Hero includes the new HTC Sense widget-based interface that puts at-a-glance info right up front on the home screen where it belongs. A new Scenes profile feature lets you transform your phones focus from business to weekend mode. Viewing your contacts shows how to contact them but also the interactions you’ve had with them in email as well as social networking updates like status and photos. A dedicated search button searches the phone as well as services like Twitter. In fact, like Palm’s Pre, the HTC Hero seems ready to fully integrate your local data with all your subscribed social media sites. The big unveiling is just about an hour away, until then, have a poke around HTC’s Hero site yourself by hitting the read link below.\

Update: First images are out! More after the break.

This post has been written by Thomas Ricker on Jun 24th 2009 at 5:29AM couresy of


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