Stop hitting F5, iPhone OS 3.0 release still hours away?

June 17, 2009

You can refresh all you want but that won’t make the 3.0 update for your iPhone appear any faster. In fact, you might want to give your trigger finger a rest for a few hours — Engadget bud, Richard Lai, noted in a tweet that Apple’s Singapore site says that the iPhone OS 3.0 update will release on the 18th while Apple India says the 17th, the date announced by Apple — the difference presumably accounting for the 2.5-hour timezone offset between the two countries. That would peg an OS 3.0 release anytime between 1700 and 1930 in London or between noon and 2:30pm in New York. But don’t let a little knowledge ruin your obsessive behavior, where’s the fun in that?

Update: The theory is supported by reports that carrier 3 in Hong Kong sent a network-wide SMS notifying iPhone owners that OS 3.0 will be available on June 18th, 01:00 local time. That’s 1pm on the 17th in New York, 6pm in London, and 1900 in central Europe.

[Via Pocket-Lint and Richard Lai]

Read — Singapore launch

Read — India launch

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