Black Prophecy interview focuses on endgame content

June 15, 2009

Black Prophecy is one of the new breed of space-based science fiction MMOs on the horizon that will be a noticeable departure from the type of gameplay that EVE Online offers. Specifically, Black Prophecy is by design a more casual game. This is not to say that Black Prophecy won’t have high-level or ‘endgame’ content, but it will be a faster progression to endgame, according to Reakktor Media CEO Kirk Lenke.

Kirk was interviewed by GameSNAFU‘s Sylvester Rozylo and the questions turned to PvP and Black Prophecy‘s endgame. Kirk said, "Black Prophecy is designed to allow players to achieve major goals in character development without investing excessive amounts of time. So basically it will be possible to reach the endgame content within a few weeks, but you shouldn’t be afraid that the fun will run out once you reach the endgame." Kirk added that Reakktor "will pay very close attention to creating a lasting experience that’s as attractive as possible wherein the focus will be on intense PvP action for solo, team and clan players."

Kirk has plenty more to say on PvP in Black Prophecy, which you can find in his interview at GameSNAFU.

This post has been written by James Egan on Jun 14th 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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