Second Life 1.23 (RC3) now available

June 5, 2009

Linden Lab have made a new Second Life viewer release-candidate available. RC3 is the fourth release candidate in the 1.23 series (Linden Lab starts counting from RC0). The 1.23 series is being fast-tracked, as it is scheduled to go live by the end of June.

We’re expecting this one or the next one to be the last before official release — because frankly, there’s not a lot of time-left before the Lab’s self-imposed deadline. Probably the biggest reason you’d want to try this one out, is that it fixes a bug introduced in an earlier official viewer where cached information was discarded too aggressively, leading to things that should have been cached having to be redownloaded.

Oh, there’s a bunch of good bug-fixes besides that, but that’s really the one you want. Read on for the rest.

This post has been written by Tateru Nino on Jun 4th 2009 at 10:00PM couresy of


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