Maker Faire tweets

June 3, 2009


I just started going through the @makerfaire twitter messages. Some of my faves already, even though I’m not even close to finishing to sort them:

@choklit: @makerfaire was brilliant, exhausting, magical, quirky and beautiful. The best was the many luminous lovelies I connected with. Now, to bed

@quellybeep: full day @makerfaire turned total sensory overload inspiration exhaustion. so many smart ppl brimming w/ creative energy making awesomeness.

@roxycraft: Winding day 2 at @makerfaire. My cheeks are sore from smiling…lol

@emora: At @makerfaire. So tired out from yesterday. But I’m still at it again. Awesome stuff. I want to be here forever

@SisterDiane: Pretty much ready to follow @makerfaire like the Grateful Dead. #mf09

Picture above is of the Flatulance-Twittering Office Chair by Randy Sarafan at Instructables. Photo by kentbrew.

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