Video: fanless Eee PC running Android on Snapdragon hands-on, oh my

June 1, 2009

Now we’re talking Computex. We, along with Tweaktown and JKK Mobile just spotted an ASUS Eee PC netbook smartbook prototype running Android on a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset. Now get this: the design is fanless due to Snapdragon’s low power consumption. The result should be a device with oodles of battery life and $0 Microsoft licensing tax if this thing ever goes production. The prototype runs the 1GHz version of the Snapdragon chipset and is thus capable of 720p HD Video and everything else already spotted in Toshiba’s TG01 smartphone. But as we saw this morning, beefier Snapdragon chipsets running at 1.3GHz with enhanced graphics and 1.5GHz with dual-CPUs are on the way. Check the video after the break.

[Via Jkk Mobile and Tweaktown]

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