Hackers Infiltrate U.S. Army Web Servers

May 30, 2009

Security of data online is a big concern for consumers, businesses, and the government. Leaked data can not only cost money, but can significantly undermine national security. With data security as such a high priority significant sums of money are spent to protect private and public networks form nefarious attacks.

Despite the massive budgets and security protocols in place to combat cyber-attacks, InformationWeek reports that anti-American hackers have successfully hacked at least two sensitive web servers belonging to the U.S. Army. Department of Defense investigators are looking into the breaches and have reportedly subpoenaed records from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and other ISPs and email providers in the investigation.

The websites in question were for the Army’s McAlester munitions plant and the website for the Army Corp of Engineers. The ammunition plant site was hacked and users trying to visit the site were redirected to a web page with a protest against climate change. The attack against the Army Corps of Engineers sire redirected visitors to the webpage for the hacker network m0stead at http://www.m0stead.net. The website is reportedly now a parked domain listing airline reservations.

However, at the time of the Corps of Engineers site attack, the URL had anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric and images. It’s not known if the attacks resulted in the hackers gaining access to any sensitive information on the servers.

In April 2009, information came to light that hackers had successfully stolen confidential data from servers storing information on the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

This post has been written by Shane McGlaun on May 29, 2009 11:31 AM couresy of dailytech.com.


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