Captain Placeholder reminds you: Get your BlizzCon tickets tomorrow!

May 30, 2009

In case you somehow forgot in the crush of excitement coming into E3, there are other conventions going on out there later this year. There again, if you’re a die-hard World of Warcraft player, we suspect you probably remember BlizzCon – potentially before E3 even springs into your mind. Well, if you’re one of the teeming masses who are just dying to get your hands on some BlizzCon tickets, we felt it was best to remind you that the second (and final) round of tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning for $125 each.

If you’re after one of those coveted tickets, remember, you need to make sure you have a account ready for tomorrow’s insane crush of humanity on the ordering servers. The last round was sold out insanely fast, so you may also want to consider getting to bed early and making sure you have all the proper mats gathered to buff yourself up for the BlizzCon raid tomorrow. It’s going to be an epic battle to get them, we’re sure.

This post has been written by Krystalle Voecks on May 29th 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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