Leather hip pouch from Urban Threads

May 25, 2009


[Photo from Urban Threads]

There is a nice set of instructions for the project on Urban Threads:

For embroidering or sewing on leather, you’ll want to pick up some leather needles. The thing about sewing on leather is that the holes your needle leaves behind won’t be invisible like when you sew on regular cloth, and you want a small, special needle to keep the damage and tear-age to your leather at a minimum. Large needles can actually perforate your leather enough that you basically just punch off a section. Not what we’re going for here.

The photos and text are informative, and the design could be rolled out to meet many different needs.

Make a whole bunch to slip on a belt and you’ve got one sweet utility belt. A pouch this size will fit everything from credit cards and cash to a passport if needed, and makes a great travel pouch. Make a smaller, daintier one for more dressy outfits in need of a little spice. You can customize it to any shape or any need.

[From the MAKE Flickr pool]

This post has been written by Chris Connors on May 24, 2009 04:59 PM couresy of makezine.com.


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