World’s first camera goes on public display in Macau

May 24, 2009

If you thought the golden anniversary of Olympus’ Pen camera was something, get a load of this. From now until August 23rd, an elaborate exhibition entitled ‘The Invention of Photography and the Earliest Photographs’ will showcase some of digital imaging’s earliest tools, including the planet’s oldest camera. The wooden sliding box shown above will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of the Macau-based expo, though it will be surrounded by 250 photography antiques and 180 old photos, which were collections lent by the Nicephore Niepce Museum and 12 other museums, cultural institutions and private collectors around the world. Anyone planning on making the trip over? Make sure you take a few snapshots with your 90s-era point-and-shoot, cool?

This post has been written by Darren Murph on May 24th 2009 at 4:23AM couresy of


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