Steampunk MMO Gatheryn opens closed beta registration

May 24, 2009

The developers at Mindfuse have been hard at work on Gatheryn, a steampunk MMO that Massively got a preview of at GDC 2009. The HeroEngine-powered Gatheryn will incorporate casual and minigame elements in addition to standard MMO game mechanics. Now gamers will have a chance to see what the title has to offer in the Gatheryn closed beta, for which Mindfuse has announced they’re taking registrations.

Closed beta applicants accepted in this first wave of invites will get the first glimpses of Gatheryn offered to the gaming community, but getting your info submitted early puts you in the pool Mindfuse will draw from with future beta invitations. If you’re interested in checking out the steampunk MMO, you can sign up on the Gatheryn beta registration page.

This post has been written by James Egan on May 23rd 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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