The cake of WAGGGGHHHH!!!

May 11, 2009

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This last Saturday was Games Workshop’s Games Day celebration, and was on site to get you the latest Warhammer Online coverage straight from Mythic Entertainment. Want to know more about Ultima Online‘s Stygian Abyss expansion? Curious about Land of the Dead? Interested as to the future direction of Warhammer Online? Do your favorite devs play on order or destruction? Find all of these answers and more in our full coverage of the event starting tomorrow, including our hands-on impressions of the new mega-dungeon, Land of the Dead!

In the meantime, if you’re hungry for coverage, let your eyes feast on this awesome squig herder cake, made by Charm City Cakes. You know, Chef Duff from Food Network’s Ace of Cakes? Yeah, he would be the guy who cooked this bad boy up. The cake lasted for the entire show, but we think there might have been some squig pieces shared amongst staff once the event’s doors closed.

Excited? Come back tomorrow and check out all of the tasty coverage. The squig is only the icing on the cake! Ok, we’re done with the bad puns now, we promise.

This post has been written by Colin Brennan on May 10th 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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