Dead Space 2 development reconfirmed by LinkedIn profile

May 10, 2009

You might want to sit down for this (you look tired). Judging by an update to Electronic Arts’ Pratik Patel’s LinkedIn page, work on Dead Space 2 is already underway. The engineering guru updated the page to include his role on the still as-yet-unannounced sequel, on which he is serving as the game’s technical/development director.

Hardly shocking, we know. Like a necromorph’s limbs, any real doubt of Dead Space getting a sophomore outing was severed with EA’s own Frank Gibeau and Glenn Schofield admitting as much just days after the original’s release. Nothing else is yet known, though with E3 just around the corner and Dead Space Extraction dismembering Wii shelves later this year, we don’t expect to be retiring our trusty plasma cutter any time soon.

[Via Supererogatory]

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