HP, RIM Form BlackBerry Smartphone Alliance

May 5, 2009

PC maker Hewlett-Packard and phone maker Research In Motion announced they’ll work together to offer new services for RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone.

“RIM and HP are working together to deliver solutions to customers that weave mobility into their daily operations – from innovative new services in the cloud to managed mobile services for the enterprise,” RIM co-chief CEO Jim Balsillie said in a statement.  “Through our collaboration with HP, businesses will have access to an expanded set of applications and services for their BlackBerry smartphone deployments.”

At least one solution from both companies includes BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 support, and will focus on developing service levels and increasing consumer productivity.  Joining BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 will be HP CloudPrint, a service web-based service so BlackBerry owners can print e-mails, pictures, documents, and other files using their phone.

CloudPrint is driverless and will have the documents print to the nearest printer in range of the phone user.  The service will be available to BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers and BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers, according to HP.

Companies have actively looked for new methods to increase service levels, though manufacturers such as HP and RIM have had a difficult time trying to develop the necessary technologies.  Both companies are expected to roll out additional features and services at a later date this summer.

Even though other smartphones have created more competition for RIM, the BlackBerry is still extremely popular among executives, doctors, and other professionals who rely on their mobile device to make calls, send secure e-mails, and other services.  The Apple iPhone has cut into RIM’s smartphone dominance, but the iPhone is more focused on consumer apps, and has had trouble being implemented in the enterprise workplace.

It’s unknown when the software will be released, but it is being shown off during the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, which is underway from Orlando this week.

This post has been written by Michael Barkoviak on May 4, 2009 1:36 PM couresy of dailytech.com.


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