GM item scandal rocks WoW

May 4, 2009

As epic scandals go, WoW has had its fair share and the latest — centred around a rather boring looking shirt called Martin Fury — has had everyone talking over at our sister site WoW Insider.

So it goes like this. One of the guild members of The Marvel Family on US-Vek’nilash, a fellow named Leroyspeltz, discovered a mysterious GM-only item has been sent to one of his alts when Blizzard were restoring items after his account had been hacked. So he gives this unassuming shirt to his Guild Leader, Karatechop, who decided to take it for a spin — in Ulduar. He didn’t file a ticket but rather assumed it was okay for them to have it because it came from Blizzard. They used it fourteen times in various instances as well as Malgyos and 25-man Obsidian Sanctum.

This post has been written by Lesley Smith on May 3rd 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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