Cowon’s 32GB S9 PMP goes on sale in America

May 3, 2009

We knew you’d do the right thing Cowon, we just knew it. Barely a fortnight after the company introduced its most capacious S9 to date over in South Korea, said player has made its way stateside… at least that’s the impression that we get. Listed now as "in stock" on Amazon, the 32GB Titanium / Black unit is shown as being sold by JetAudio, which just so happens to be Cowon’s official online home for sales. If you surf over to the S9 section on JetAudio’s website, however, the 16GB model is still listed as the largest one available. We’re guessing the latter’s admin hasn’t had time to update things between that Friday night rave and that six pack of Dos Equis on Saturday, but we hear Amazon has a pretty good reputation, anyway.

[Via PMP Today]

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