Game industry veteran founds financial service firm for indie developers

April 29, 2009

Garry Tucker has an impressive catalog of positions he’s held in the gaming industry. He’s filled managerial roles for Take-Two, Activision, Acclaim and Virgin Interactive, and served as finance director for Kuju Games. As far as careers in the industry go, Tucker’s had a posh one — and now, he’s using his acquired know-how to lend a hand to the little guy.

Tucker recently founded Eightbyte, a London-based financial planning firm designed specifically for independent game developers. Along with offering general financial mentoring and support, Eightbyte will allow indie devs to outsource their bookkeeping duties so they can focus solely on finishing their groundbreaking high-art 2D platformer. According to a Gamasutra report, the firm is only offering assistance to UK devs for now, though Tucker says they have plans to expand.


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One Response to “Game industry veteran founds financial service firm for indie developers”

  1. indiesage Says:

    That’s too bad for us american types then. Hopefully they are successful enough to expand their enterprise overseas.

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