Free Runescape Accounts

April 28, 2009

Free Runescape Accounts – Runescape Success

Here is some great info for those looking for high level free runscape accounts!

One of the things that differentiates Runescape from most other MMO games is the sheer fact that it was built off its success as a free online game first, and still to this very day offers players a free Runescape account option, where there is no initial or ongoing payment involved with playing. These free Runescape accounts is where Jagex built this loyal following to their game and many believe it will sustain its foothold on the MMORPG market. Runescape were the first to introduce the two style play of both free account and paying account version of their game where a large proportion of the game is able to be played with a free account yet if players are willing, they are able to pay a small monthly fee of $5 to receive all the benefits of being a member.

Free Runescape Accounts versus Paying Members

So what are the perks of being a member rather than just having a free Runescape account? Well the biggest difference is the sheer amount of things to do as a member. There are more skills, loads more ways to earn Runescape and many more lucrative item and gold drops from many of the creatures that are found in the member’s version of Runescape.

Offering Free Runescape Accounts for How Long?

Is the creation of the pay to play Runescape account option a sign of the inevitable future of Runescape going completely commercial? Whilst most MMO are based on some form of pay to play model Runescape seems to have successful marketed their subscription version such that it can both cater for both free account users and member accounts whilst still offer a relatively continual flow of updates and developments for paying customers. In addition to this Jagex has used this model of two style of play successful for three years now without ever hinting of a complete removal of the free version of the game and as such it would be expected that they will continue to offer free Runescape accounts for the foreseeable future.

How to get your Free Runescape Account

So if you are looking or you free Runescape account all you have to do is signup and register your account over at the signup process only takes a few moments, and after completing Runescape’s tutorial island you will be well on your way to understand the complex game of Runescape.

Buying Unwanted Runescape Accounts – Accounts for Sale

In the last year or two there has been increasing demand for Runescape accounts and Runescape gold, and with anything in life, if there is demand and it can be supplied at a profit people will more than likely be willing to oblige by selling their product or service. In this case of Runescape accounts there seems to always be Runescape accounts for sale on eBay along with Runescape gold and items, but be warned not only are the majority of such auctions fraudulent attempts to scam buyers of their money they are also against Runescape usage policy which stipulates that there is to be no real world for Runescape accounts or in-game gold or items. So even if you were able to purchase an account Jagex itself would most likely be ban that account if it managed to work out that it was purchased illegitimately. So whilst many of the offers may seem tempting you are much better off just to create your own free Runescape account and play the game for fun and enjoyment whilst developing your character along the way.


8 Responses to “Free Runescape Accounts”

  1. byron Says:

    hi i rly nead free acc

  2. mathew reed Says:

    i really need an account because my other lvl 90 got hacked and stolen

  3. DDD Says:

    Name : zezima
    OA :

    COMMENT : im not just anybody

  4. Josh Says:

    Hey just wanting an account

  5. Katie Says:

    Hi, I realy need a high level acount i have been needing a high level for about 2 years cause my other acount (level 90) got haked so I am just telling u that i need one!

  6. KATELYN Says:

    need an account my lvl 98 got hacked

  7. chris Says:

    want high lv

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