Interview with AoC Live Producer

April 19, 2009 sat down with Age of Conan Live Producer, Henning Solberg to chat about various aspects of his job, recent positive reviews the game has been getting, and new things coming down the pipe. In case the second point in the previous sentence is surprising to you, here’s some proof!

Henning has been with Funcom since 1995 and has worn many different hats during his tenure, including: QA Manager, Designer, Lead Designer, Lead Scripter, Director of Online Services, Associate Producer, and now finally Producer. His current job has him planning, organizing, setting overall priorities, and staffing for the various development teams. "The team makes the game, the producer helps make it happen!"

In terms of new things he’s working on, Henning mentions the RPG overhaul that will make gear more valuable to players and the new Tarantia Common District, two items that have been in development for a long time. In order to figure out what to update next, Henning lists various sources such as playing the game themselves, reports containing detailed player feedback, and the QA team.

For an expansion of these details and much more, head on over and check out the full Henning Solberg interview.

This post has been written by Brooke Pilley on Apr 18th 2009 at 8:00PM couresy of


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