Ati/Amd hd 3850 released!

November 15, 2007

Ati/Amd has just released their hd 3850 graphics card!  The card is basically a refresh of the original hd 2900 card and is built on a 55nm process making it a much cooler running and less expensive to manufacture card. The card is roughly 10 – 20 % less powerful than nvidias recently released and highly popular 8800 gt card, yet is supposed to be released at the 220 $ price point which is significantly less than the 250 $ msrp 8800gt which has been selling in the upwards of 300$ price point.  Hopefully Ati/Amd will have plenty of these cards available, as we have seen 8800gt’s sell out faster than grateful dead beany babies as of lately.  Its very refreshing to see nvidia and ati release very powerful mid range cards, but leaves us with the ongoing question of when will the next full iteration come to market, as these recently released cards of simply refreshes of the current generation of cards.

One Response to “Ati/Amd hd 3850 released!”

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