New price champ, Meet the Geforce 8800gt!!

October 29, 2007

Nvidia is about to release the first refresh of its geforce 8 series graphics cards, not a moment too soon. It appears that everyone that has been waiting to upgrade to a directX10 graphics solution will be awarded for their patience. The new geforce 8800gt is build on a 65nm fabrication process, which is quite desirable in contrast to the previous 8800gts and 8800gtx cards that were built on a 90nm process, and the 8600gts that was build on a 80nm process. The 8800gt will be priced between 200$ and 250$, and features full video decode, finally a high end dx10 part from nvidia that will do that! The 8800gt is a steal at 200$ or so, it beats the 8800gts 320mb and 640mb cards in every benchmark imaginable, and its only a small step bellow the 8800gtx. Based on nvidia’s previous pricing scheme of the 8800gts and gtx, this card is priced at half of how it performs. I’m currently running a 7950gt 512mb card in my rig and have been waiting for a truly compelling reason to upgrade, the 8800gt is my reason now. This card is going be to the most talked about card in the industry upon its release, mark my words. Nvidia has done it again.


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    very interesting.
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