Intel is to release future cpu “Nehalem” in Q4 2008

October 26, 2007

Intel has just announced its plans to release its new Nehalem cpu architecture in the fourth quarter of next year. The new cpu will require a new motherboard chipset dubbed the LGA1366, all people currently sporting the intel 775 chipset ranging from certain celerons all the way to core 2 quad cpu’s, a new motherboard will be necessary for future upgrades. The biggest new feature of the Nehalem architecture is an integrated memory controller on die, this has been a feature on amd64 cpu’s since 2003, and helped amd win the performance battle of that time period. It will be very interesting to see how future intel cpu’s run and overclock without the aging front side bus architecture. Another interesting fact about Nehalem is that will support hyper-threading, meaning a qaudcore Nehalem cpu will appear to be an octal core within operating systems. Intel is also cutting back the cache 33% in Nehalem from the soon to be released Penryn 45nm qaudcore cpu’s, going from 12MB, down to 8MB. Having less cache is not a problem with an Integrated Memory Controller, the large amount of cache in current core 2 duos does a good job at minimizing the effects of having system data transfered via front side bus, take front side bus out of the equation and less cache is needed as the system latency reduces greatly, look at amd64 for proof of that concept. We already know that the soon to be released Penryn cpu’s which will replace the existing Conroe cpu’s (both core 2 duo), will give an additional 5% to 10% performance gain, I believe we will see very large performance gains in a year, when Intel transitions from Penryn to Nehalem. These are exciting times indeed.


2 Responses to “Intel is to release future cpu “Nehalem” in Q4 2008”

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