Ipod turns 6 years old

October 24, 2007

The ipod has turned 6 years old, just old enough for 1st grade. We all remember when it was this tall, and now sits much, much smaller/sleeker. When the ipod was originally introduced people marveled at holding such a small hard drive with music playing capabilities in the palm of one hand, up too 1 thousand songs it could hold. Now we have ipods and zunes, and zens, and plenty of other brands of devices out there where its expected to have full wide screen video playback, and upwords of 160 gigs in storage is considered a good amount. We have come a long way from the original ipod, just think that the nintendo game boy advance was the most powerful handheld console of that time, and now we have the likes of psp, and umpc devices with full pc functionality fitting comfortably within our hands. 6 years ago laptops were quite expensive and deemed more as luxory items than common electronics, yet now today, laptops constantly outsell their desktop counterparts, and this is only going to continue with greater frequency in times ahead. As amazing as these past 6 years have been for mobile electronic devices, I truly believe the trend appears that the next 6 years will be even more amazing.


2 Responses to “Ipod turns 6 years old”

  1. Christina Says:

    And Japan will still be years ahead of us in technology but, you have very profound points.

  2. mragrotime Says:

    Ya, Japan does have some awesome mobile technology, its moderately humorous that Europe receives a lot of cool phones and such to their markets ahead of the US. There are interesting politics in the fabric of when electronics are made available for purchase in each country. That being said, I think that all countries should be able to import technology as they see fit, it was unfortunate that Europe was not allowed to import ps3 consoles until Sony deemed them ready to be sold in Europe, but business is not my market =).

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