Xbox 360’s May Soon Sport Hd-Dvd drives

October 22, 2007

It appears in the future Microsoft is going to add hd-dvd drives to the standard functionality of xbox 360’s. This is an interesting turn of events as it was always believed that xbox 360’s would offer the user a “choice” as to whether they wanted hd-dvd playback capability with the option to purchase the stand alone hd-dvd drive accessory in addition to their console.  Things change though it seems.  I’m curious what the price of these new hd-dvd equipped 360’s will be, and how fast their dvd read speeds are.  Xbox 360’s sport a standard dvd 9 player with read speeds of 12x, the hd-dvd  player would need to be capable of the same. I have heard some developers complain of the read speed of ps3’s blue-ray drive, so hopefully this new feature will not cripple the Xbox 360’s game playing ability in anyway.


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