AMD’s net losses down 33% for Q3 2007

October 20, 2007

We all know that intel has been ruling every cpu related market for a while now since the introduction of the core 2 duo architecture, amd has been losing money like mad since.  The market was excited the launch of the am2 940 architecture, but the fact that it added no performance gain over the previous 939 architecture despite having its integrated memory controller transitioned from ddr to ddr2.  I was going to buy a 940 tell I found that fact out and now sport a core 2 duo, not because I’m not loyal to amd but because I’m a hardcore hardware man and I needed what was burliest and amd just didn’t cut this round of upgrades.  So now back to the topic, amd has been losing 600 million + for the past several financial quarters, while intel earns positive one billion + at the same time.  This past quarter amd was able to drop their losses 33% down to around 400 million, which is a large improvement, but far from where they need to be. Much of amd’s larger successes this past quarter can be attributed to the hd2000 series of gpu’s being released, which by no means beat the nvidia on the ultra high end, but certainly are a successful product.  November is the month for amd, the question is how well will phenom quad core desktop cpu’s, the 790 motherboard chip sets (about time amd got a new chip set), and the bargain derivative of their hd2900 gpu, all released at the same time sell and improve upon the good progress amd has made this past quarter, to the next quarter?


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