AMD, the month is November

October 18, 2007

The month of november beyond a doubt is the largest release month for AMD for the entire year. What have we seen from AMD this year? Well apart from finally achieving a 65nm process on their cpu fabrication process, they also released the hd2900 series, yet canned the hd2900 xtx 1gb model that was expected to compete with the geforce 8800gtx, and opted to only release the hd2900 xt 512mb which they claimed was only meant to compete with the 640mb and 320mb flavors of Nvidia’s lower 8800 gts cards, which it did fairly well. But november, its the time for AMD. AMD will be releasing the desktop variant of their barcelona quadcore cpu to the masses, called phenom, and will also ship its new 790 motherboard chipsets and a new lower priced variant of its hd2900 series gpu that is aimed in the price range to replace their just released, very attractive bargain hd2900 pro series graphics cards. 3 releases all at once must hold a good amount of steam for AMD. This is an exciting and unprecedented release, the only question for AMD is since 3 products are being released at once, what is the order in which each part was ready for shipment to the masses, as logically 3 products do not reach finalized silicon at the same point in time? AMD, I wish you well with your release next month, and may penryn be kind to you. =)


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