Halo3 Blamed for Poor Hollywood Box Office Results, lol!

October 17, 2007

So some of the movie industry is currently pointing a finger at Halo3 as having taken some of their box office success, supposedly too many people are at home playing halo3 that they aren’t going to the movies. This can be true to an extent, but this is the wait time right before the winter rush of good movies, part of this has be on account of the fact that some of the current movies out in the box office right now are crap!  I will admit that I heard of people losing their jobs to playing too much halo1, which to me is pretty laughable. It will interesting to see how the halo brand will evolve now that Bungie and Microsoft are in separate camps. One can expect that halo4 will be as it would have been, the real question is how far will Microsoft spread the halo franchise?  I’m more concerned of whats going to happen to good ol Bioware since EA purchased them.


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