Our computers are quickly becoming the center of our audiovisual lives. We play videos and music and store all our photos on them. And with the right hardware, we can even watch and record live TV. But until Orb networks released its Orb 1.0 service ($9.99 a month)

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NVidia in Trouble

August 28, 2007

Graphics hardware kingpin NVidia Corp. last winter had the gaming video card crown yanked away from them by upstart ATI and its Radeon X800 ultra-speedy gem of technology.

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SimplyMEPIS offers a Linux that is easy to install and use. The SimplyMEPIS bootable CD allows potential users to verify hardware compatibility, test drive applications, and determine the value of SimplyMEPIS before making a commitment to install it on their hard drive.

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Windows Marketplace

August 28, 2007

Enormous listing of Windows compatible software, hardware, and anything in between. With over 90,000 items to choose from, not to mention prices and links to where you can buy them, why not stop by and take a look for yourself?

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A source close to NVIDIA recently confirmed that the dual display issue will be corrected with NVIDIA ’s upcoming line of GPUs that are expected to debut at Computex in early June. As much as this turns out to be an optimistic confirmation, those of you with current SLI setups may have nothing to look forward to.

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Next Gen Gameplay Goodies

August 28, 2007

Here is a bit of speculation taking a look at what exactly the next generation video game hardware in the Xbox 360, PS3, and Revolution will bring us. It is more than just great graphics…

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Maybe EA has finally learned the importance of the PS3 community. Maybe they finally tackled the challenges of developing for Sony’s next-gen hardware. Or maybe EA wanted gamers to just shut up about the 60 fps debacle caused by Madden 2008.

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